Merci . Mèsi . Thank You

Since no man is an island; and we need each other from the womb till death;

God in His awesome providence has elected, selected and sent to each one of us

people to help us, serve us, speak in our lives, make an impact in our lives. 

To these outstanding people that God ordained,

directed or allowed to cross my path for a season or for life 

I say a resounding Thank You. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Because of God and because of God who touched me through you, I am who I am today.

For your love, your help, your friendship, your words in season,

your mentorship, teachings, prayers, rebukes and all the good you did to me,

with a heart full of gratitude, I say:


I have set my heart to thank you, one by one; starting with

My Loving Father, my Beautiful Savior, my Wonderful Helper.

the Ones who, without their indefectible

Love, Grace, Mercy, Favor... I wouldn’t be alive today;

from the bottom of my heart, I say a thunderous THAN YOU



You are my Creator, my Father, my Daddy, my Papa, my Savior, my Redeemer, my Righteousness, my Lover, my Friend, my Helper, my Guide, my Stylist, my Banker, my Enabler, my Strength, my Counselor, my Refuge, my Shelter, my Provider, my Healer, my Protector; my Joy, my Peace, the lifter of my head..., my Source for everything, my Partner in everything I do...

You are my all in one!

Thank you, Lord, for sending me on earth with a purpose.

Thank you for your awesome redemption plan.

Thank you for locating me and save me. 

Thank you for your Holy Spirit in me, helping me. 

Thank you for being my All in One!

Thank You, Thank You & Thank You

To God the Father:

Our Merciful, Most Loving, Most Caring,  

Most Indescribable Father

To God the Son:

Our Beautiful, Admirable, Astounding,  

Passionate, Loving Savior, Our Anchor

To God the Holy Spirit:

Our Wonderful Guide, Way Maker, Always Present Helper 

at All the Times; Especially in Times of Need.

Thank you for being quintessential to my daily walk 

with God the Father and God the Son.

For all the promises in the Bible and thank you

for faithfully accomplishing them in my life. 

Thank you for Your still small voice

and the many other ways You used to instruct me and guide me.

Thank you for all you taught me through meditation or through your servants.

Thank you for all you deposited and invested in me... 

Thank you for trusting me for greater return; not by might, but by You.

Thank you for impartations, anointing, for the graces I need, for the talents, gifts, creativity, knowledge, strength… 

Thank you for all the doors you opened and those you closed. I am deeply grateful to you Holy Ghost!

Thank You To

God for the day I accepted Christ as my Savior and Lord

​Thank you for the deep work of the Holy Ghost.

He brought me to the place where I understood the wonderful sacrifice of Christ and surrender my life to Jesus.

Thank you, Father God, for sending your Son to reconcile the world with you.

Thank you, Jesus, for your tremendous love for your sacrifice at the cross, for your shed blood, for saving me.


Thank you to all of you starting with my family who introduced me to God and Jesus by bringing me to Church when I was a child.

Thank you to all those who deposited a seed in me who grew until salvation day and beyond.

A tremendous Thank You to Evangelist Alain Choiquier from France,

who preached the message God used to bring me to the altar to accept Christ as my Savior and Lord when I was 15.

Thank you to late Charlotte Elliott of Brighton, who wrote the song: Just as I am. That song was sing during that altar call.

Thank you to

Mr. and Mrs. McCollum who prayed with me at the altar, that day to accept Jesus as my Savior.

The Church in Rosemere (Montreal Region) who held that Crusade.

Pastor Albert and Mrs. Susan Hodder, my loving Pastors who brought me to that crusade).

For my family who agreed for me to go, since it was a Wednesday, school evening.  

Thank you to late Pastor Hodder whom water Baptised me, making me the first in my entire family: nuclear and extended.

The workers at the Ministry La Clé (Montreal), you gave me the passion for evangelism. Everyone I met at Hermon Camp; especially: Bozo, Maryse Nazon, Cé-parfait, Nathalie (Miptus)... and all the others. A big thank you to those At Campus fellowship: GBU; the door to door Evangelism Team: “Hope for Today”; those at “La Fondation La Colombe”… Everyone I met in different Churches; L'Oratoire French Evangelical Baptist Church (Montreal);  French Evangelical Baptist Church, aka King Edward (Ottawa);  Rhema Christian Ministry (Toronto & Ottawa),  Dominion Outreach Center (DOC).

Those at All Nations (Ottawa), and all my brothers and sisters at Transforming Life Center (TLC).

Pink Peonies

Thank You to


Thank you to the Canadian Government

for opening the  doors of Canada to my family.

Thank you for accepting us as citizens of the land;

through legal entry and citizenship.  

I Thank God for everything Canada offered us,

and for the possibility to pay forward.

I pray for the rerouting of Canada

and its return to its Christian heritage.

I thank God for my native Haiti, 

I pray for its redemption and restoration.

Thank You To:

My spiritual parents

Dr. Ralph Dartey

An Outstanding Destiny Helper, Destiny Shaper Life Transformer, Global Influencer, History Maker...

As far as I Know, He, His wife and 4 Wonderful Sons Represent the Epitome of:

Selfless Service, Sacrifice, Love, Encouragers, Boldness, Determination, Fearless,

Extreme Focus, Vision Minded. All Round Success… “Total Packages”

Thank You for Being One of Main Inspiration for the Content of a Book I am writing.

It Is an Echo of what I’ve Learned from Your Teachings and Preaching;

But above all, from the Way, You Live Your Lives.

Pastor Regina Dartey

Inestimable Treasures for Your husband Oasis for Your families.

The epitome of Humble, Meek, Determine, Strong, Submissive Women

You Are Lighthouses on the Shore of Life, Epitomes of Womanhood

You are Women According to God’s Own Heart.

Women of Great Caliber, Pillars, Points of Reference,

Shoulders to Stand on for Your Spiritual Sons and Daughters.

Thank You for Setting the Tone, for Putting the Bar so High

and for Being a Great Example to Follow.

Thank You for Being One of My Main Inspirations, the Best Points of Reference,

I Could Find, Capture and Transcribe, in this Book, the Heart of a Real Woman; of Women of Great Value.



Thank You To

My nuclear & extended family

My great-great-grandfather from Norway; from whom I inherited my name Leriche (The Rich). 

Grateful for that prophetic name, but I superimpose to it the word TaiEl: A woman who is wealthy and affluent.

My great & grand-parents

My great-uncle & great-aunty: Lémiko and Rita Leriche.

My grandfather: Francois Jeanty (Papy Kèkène), a well manerred and high class man.

My wonderful late grandmother: Vénus Leriche (Manyi Vénus); My best friend and Hero after Jesus.

My parents:

My late father 'Dr. Sergio Mauricette

My Mother Yvette Malebranche (Manyi Vèvètte),

My beautiful, resilient, strong, faithful and caring Mother

My late Stepdad: Jean Malebranche (Papi).  A highclass, dicreet, humble erudite.

My siblings:

My late twin brother, who died at birth.

My brother: Michel Malebranche my attentive, sensitive, brainy beloved Frérot

Spouse: Brunie St-Hilaire, a beautiful and hard working woman.

My sister: My extremely funny with a tender heart Ginou

Spouse: Ex NFL player, Toren Smith, a giant teddy bear with a heart of gold

My nephews and nieces: 

My pride, future shakers and builders, world changers, history makers...

Reginald Malebranche, (Brandi Malebranche), Vanessa Malebranche (Late Pierre Purma),

Jean-Michel Malebranche, Toren-Junior Smith (TJ), Lucas Purma-Malebranche

My uncles & aunties:

Mr. Alexandre Georges (Maryse Georges)

The Elder of the family; I used to call him ‘le Grand Manitou’.

Late Mrs. Ghislaine Ceans (Dodo Ceans).

She was beauty personified.

Mrs. Jeanine Hermantin (late uncle Georges), late aunty Micheline,

The most gentle, joyful and sweetest spirits.

Aunties: Gabrielle Malebranche, Jeanne Malebranche, Andrée Malebranche

Late aunty Jocelyne Blanc (Mr. Pierre Kouassi) - Children: Regis & brother and families

Woman of faith and courage

Auntie Lala Charles. Childrem: Late Midwin Charles, Mitzie Charles

The elder, a strong and resilient woman

Aunty Paulette (Michel) Doussous - Children: Dessalines, Katia, Pierre-Michel (spouses and children

The most joyful auntie and calm-wise husband

Late oncle Henri, auntie Roro (husband and children). Auntie Luce (Children: Tatiana, late Youri). Auntie Julienne and children...

My 1st cousins:

Monique Malebranche (husband), Joujou Ceans (husband and children), Eunonne Ceans (husband and children),

Roldye Ceans (husband and child), Ralph Georges (late wife & child Myah Georges), Dimitri Georges,

Kareen Ramson (spouse Mike Ramson & 5 five children),

late Georgie Hermantin (wife, and 3 children), Al Hermantin (and wife),

Dr. Vladimir Louis-Charles (spouse Dr. Cyintha Louis-Charles)

Pascal Louis-Charles, Mikaelle Louis-Charles, Natasha Louis-Chorles


Thanks to all of you my beloved, amazing, God ordained molds. I thank God for each one of you.

You are a gift from God to me. Thank you for your love and your support throughout the years.

A special recognition to the friends of my family's members

whose acts of kindness towards them blessed them and touched me deeply.

Thank you to my mother’s friends who blessed her a way or another;

Especially: Mme Loizeau (in Haiti) who use to come to our house with her prayer group to evangelize and pray for us; 

Miss. Marie-Marcelle Adam, Mr. Astrel (in Montreal) who received my mom when she first arrived in Canada;

Mrs. Marie-Lourdes, Mrs. Luce Innocent, in Laval Quebec, (spouse and children),

Mrs. Nicole Benson (in Ottawa) who is still standing faithfully with her in good and bad times.

Thank to you all from the bottom of my heart! 

Thank you to my brother’s friends:

Especially Mr. Marz Bagherian, his best friend.

He stood by my brother in times of despair & great needs;

and later, a few years ago, was used by God him to save my brother’s life...


Thank you to my sister’s friends:

Especially Mrs. Marjorie Leonard, Mrs. Marjorie Jean-Pierre

who, through the years have shown her great love, friendship, and unwavering support during times of trials.


Thank you to all of you for loving and supporting my loved ones the way you did. 

Thank you; you made daughterhood and sisterhood easier for me.



Thank You To

All my Senior Pastors, Assistant-Pastors & Leaders

Eglise Baptiste de l'Oratoire (Montréal)

Thank you to my beloved late Pastor Albert Hodder & wife late Mrs. Suzanne Hodder

My loving caring first Pastors in Montreal; from England and France.

They brought me to the crusade where I gave my life to Christ at the age of 15.

I am forever grateful to God who used them.

The successors of the Hodders: Pastor Pierre & Mme Ivrance Pierre

Thank you for your years of faithful service, the love and the teachings who helped me grow in Christ.

Merci Beaucoup!

Eglise Evangélique Baptiste d'Ottawa

Pastor Robert Godin & Mrs. Josée Godin 

Thank you for your warm welcome, your love, and your ministry, I learned alot from you.

Pastor Franky & Mrs. Esther Narcisse 

Thank you for adopting me as your little sisters when I was 17 years old in Montreal.

Thank you for your outstanding pastoral heart, your love, your service, the trips, the laughters...

Pastor Matthieu and Dr. Catherine Anku

Thank you for your enthusiastic and daring faith.

Mr. Jules & Mamie Annie Nungisa; now Pastors of their own congregation 

Thank you for your love, time, guidance, mentorship, teachings and prayers. 

Forever Grateful!

Rhema Christian Ministry

Pastor Orim & First Lady Judith Meikle

General Overseers of Rhema Christian Ministry Canada 

Thank you for your love, the enthusiasm, the discipline, and your outstanding leadership.

Pastor R.J McEwen & First Lady Loretta McEwan, now Pastor of their own congregation

Thank you because you believed that I had what it takes to become the Director of hospitality/usher.

Thank you to my outstanding ministry head  of the hospitality-usher department and mentor, in Toronto, Minister Dean Ellis. 

Thank you to my outstanding team members of ushers; the most amazing team ever!

A special shout out to then, Major Bryan Davidson and Maryse Cetoute for outstanding team-lead and service.

Forever Grateful!

Transforming Life Center International (TLCI)

 Bishop Dr. Wilfred Lai and Mama Rita Lai 

(Jesus Celebration Centre (JCC) Mombassa, Kenya)

The spiritual parents of my spiritual father and mother at TLCI.

Thank you for your deep love and covering for our spiritual parents 

You are the best God could have given them, and they are the best God could have given us and Canada 

Thank you because every time you step into TLC

your Apostolic grace shifts us into another season, realm and in a higher dimension.

Forever Grateful!

Bishop Rev Dr. Ralph Dartey & Pastor Regina Dartey

Children: Pastor Kofi, Prophet Kwaku, Pastor Reziah and Minstrel Reginald Dartey.

(The General Overseers of Transforming Life Center International)

The best, ever, destiny shapers, life transformers, spiritual warriors, mentors, teachers... very humble, always giving glory to God.

Thank you for your love, sacrifices, magnitude, your capacity, your impact and the scope of your influence.

 Thank you to Pastor Kofi, Prophet Kwaku, Pastor Reziah and Minstrel Reginald

for your outstanding leadership with Campus Rush and The Bridge Ministry,

 Thank you for reaching the students and the youth for Christ.

Canada will never be the same again because of All of You

Forever Grateful!

A special Recognition

Thank you to the different Board Members who, over the years

faithfully helped the General Overseers to push the vision further.

Grateful for your valuable service!

A special Recognition

To the staff in the office and their helpers!

Deaconess Carmen, Pastor Harriet Amani, Pastor Reuel Kofi Dartey, Prophet Kwaku Dartey, Pastor Michael Dappah,

Pastor Timilehin Abimboye, Pastors Joel and Gigi Ngoi-Tita, Pastor Grace Mayele, Pastor Joseph Mayaliwa,

Pastor Emmanuel Akohene-Mensah, Pastor Tiffany Blair, Pastor Bol Bol, Pastor Ebenezer Boateng, Pastor Ken R..

Those who moved on, bless you. Those that are still there pushing the vision forward, may God strenghtens you. 

Thank you to this outstanding troop of cutting edge dedicated radicals remnants warrior.

Thanks for helping Dr. Ralph and Pastor Regina (TLC), Pastor Kofi (Campus Rush), Prophet Kwaku (The Bridge)

to push the vision forward with excellence, which is one of the many remarkable characteristics of TLCI.

Hats Off!

A special Recognition

Thank you to Pastor Harriet Amani

for the job with Rainbow Development Center; it was a nice gesture.

Also, thanks for a very cheap price to rent an office from you to launch my business. 

Thank you to Deaconess Carmen

for your love and passion for the things of God and for words of encouragement.

Dr. Georges Ansha

thank you for reading through my business’ ideas and for wise counsels. 

Dr. Harriet Ansha

Thank you for a special teaching at a CR’s women’s conference that made a difference in my life.

A special Recognition

To the leaders of the department I served in, in TLC Ottawa


Pastor Fred & Pastor Yvonne Aboagye, Pastor Ebenezer & Pastor Evelyn Boateng

Thank you for your teachings about prayer and for demonstrating prayer so faithfully and so powerfully.

(Thank you to Pastor Ken Rubimbwa for the Unforgettable Word:

"You are a witness" spoken, during a 7 am prayer session at TLC)


 Pastor Kwaku, Pastor Greg Emmanuel, Pastor Ken Dartey, then Deacon Popo Leboy 

Thank you for your leadership and your passion for souls.


Deacon Zi, Pastor Emmanuel Massunke, Sister Cecile, Brother David and helpers,

thank you for outstanding leadership leading the usher ministry.


Brother Christian, Brother Eddy, Pastor Emmanuel  Mensah 

Thank you for your leadership with the TV ministry

Brother Christian thanks for asking me to help; I appreciated it.

Bravo to the team who served when I was there and to the new ones; the improvement is outstanding. Keep it up!!!


Thank you, Pastor Joel, Sister Patricia, Sister Ndolo and the team for the cleaning ministry.

Your passion, dedication, and love to keep the temple of God are outstanding.

Thank you to each one of the team, your dedication is noticeable and appreciated.

I am proud to be part of such a great team.


Thank you to Pastor Harriet and Pastor Yvonne

who subsequently asked me around years ago to revive the flowers in the big vases.

It gave me a platform to serve, to use and to develop my God-given creativity.

Thank you to Dr. Ralph and Pastor Regina for your words of encouragement after different creations.

Thank you to all those who helped me over the years:

Sister Michelle Martin, Sister Cherylin Perkins, Sister Ateau, Sister Vinus, Deaconess Caroline Gagné,

Sister Beverly Walker, Deacon Popo Leboy, Sister Atasi Adiari, Pastor Grace Mayele...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Pastor Bol Bol and Pastor Alexa Bol

I thank God for your life. I am very grateful for your ministry

Thank you because you instilled and activated boldness and faith for healing in me and your team of amazing men and women.

Thank you for your teachings, your mentorship, your example. You are great inspirations. I am privileged to learn from you.


To all the TLCI leaders in diverse departments

To the TLC & TLCI's Board members, Pastors, the Deacons and Deaconesses...

To all the leaders and team members of TLM, TLMB (Worship leaders, choir, and musicians), URM, Teleda, 

the Life Groups, the Connect and Outlet groups, the PPA team, the Security team, the Kings, the couples, the Royals Daughters, Josiah House, Campus Rush, the Bridge, the Royal Treasures, the media/TV crew, the parking attendants, the sound, the light, 

the projection team,  the Welcome team, the Social Media team, the Ushers, Hostess, the Royal Business club, the service coordinators, the temple Keepers (cleaning team), the care ministry,

the Event Planning team, the innovation, the renewal team... 

Your work is amazing, noticeable and indispensable. I will forever be grateful to you and to God for you.

By the Spirit of the Living God, each one of you has and is helping the visionaries, dad, and mum

to transform countless lives and raise many leaders in Canada, the States, and Overseas.

Only God can reward you accordingly. Thank You.



(In the order they came to TLC, over the years)

Rev. Frank Ofusu-Appiah, Dr. Gary Wood, Dr. Georges Janzen, Rev. Josh Laryea, Bishop David Kiganda,

Pastor Garth Rowe, Rev. Gene Wiseman, Pastor Ebow Essel, Pastor Orim Meikle, Pastor William McDowell, Dr. Cindy Trimm,

Rev. Ramson Asante Darteh, Rev. Francis Sopuruchi, Prophets Uebert Angel and Beverly Angel, Pastor Taffi Dollar,

Bishop Charles Agyinasare, Pastor Tolulope Okusanya, Pastor Ontario Greene, Prophet Kofi Danso,

Dr. Morris and Mama Theresa Cerullo, Pastor Kingsley Nimo, Bishop Felix Remi Agejumo & Reverend Funke Felix Adejumo,

Mrs. Tanika Chambers, Pastor Anthony Ackon, Prophet Samuel Addison, Rev. Julian Kyula, Bishop Abraham Chigbundu,

Rev. Simon Ampofo, Dr. Goodwin Ude, Dr. Leeford Boahene, Bishop Salifu Amoako, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo,

Pastor Paula White-Cain, Rev. Prophet and Mrs. Seth Baah, Dr. Lawrence Teteh, Pastor Bimbo Fola-Alade, Dr. Jasmin Sculark,

Dr. George and Dr. Harriet Ansha, Pastor Pitchou Kalala, Dr. Ampiah Kwofie, Prophet Kingsley Agyemang,

Apostle Frank Asare Nyamekye, Pastor Ebenezer Boateng, Pastor Kofi Dartey, Prophet Kwaku Dartey, Prophet Julius Dartey...

and every other speaker who came at the Royal daughters, the kings, the Royal Business Club

at Josiah's House, Campus Rush, the Bridge, the Royal Treasure, or spoke to us through zoom.

I celebrate each one of your life. Only God can evaluate your sacrifices and reward you appropriately.

Thank you to each one of you, to your spouse, and children.

Thank You for being a great provision to the vision of the Dartey family and of TLC, that is to Transform Lives & Raise Leaders.


Thank You To

To those who touched me by an act of kindness: 

In Montreal & AT The Église Evangélique de l'Oratoire:

Pastor Narcisse and family, Mr. David Elie,

Cathy Hodder, Edelene Erizias

The personal at La Clé Ministry, Staff & monitors at Hermon Camp, Leaders and students at GBU, Mme Denault...

The Église Evangélique d'Ottawa:

 Pastor Franky and Esther Narcisse Louise Villeneuve, Francis Jean-Baptiste, Charlotte Markam-Foka Thérese Kiténé & Hubert Bangu, Claude & Régna Tourigny, Bod & Edith Louiseize, Malachie Azemar, Papy Jules & Manmie Annie Nungisa,

Sister Richette Pacaud, Sister Amanda, Sister Clotilde, Brother Cherenfant, Celianie Poirier...


Rhema Christian Ministry Ottawa: 

First Lady Loretta McEwen, Lieutenant-Colonel Bryan Davidson, Sister Gwendolen, Sister Diane, Sister Marva Smith,

Sister Enisan, Sister Edna Chelot...

Every member of my hostess/ushers’ team. Your excellent service, your dedication, and love were worth to emulate.

Transforming Life Center (TLC): 

Pastor Ralph Dartey, Deaconess Carmen Nesbett, Pastor Harriet Amani, the staff at TLC, Pastor Liz Antwi, Manmie Dadou, Deaconess Sherley Etienne, Deacon Jean-Pierre, Deaconess Germaine Kabuya, Maman Jackie, Deaconess Justine Kabeya,

Maman Ngoma, Deaconess Edith, Pastor Israel Mufuta & family, Deaconess Sandra Louis-Jeune, Miss Tammyre Louis-Jeune,

Miss Lyne Turcotte, Dr. Israel, and Dr. Diana Gimba, Deaconess Caroline Gagné, Sister Roseline Chevalier, Sister Michelle Martin,

Brother Christian & Sister Diana, Brother Eddy and Sister Lantha, Sister Marie-Christine Somé, Sister Kimerlie Augustin,

Kellie Bain, Zacharie Bain, Brother Ezekiel and wife, Sister Sandra Metayer, Sister Seke, Brother Robert and Sister Erna,

Sister Leila Leclerq, Abdel Kader Diabate, Sister Patricia Mpania, Sister Marie-Anne, sister Marina Ebibi, Sister Christina Wright, Pastor Emmanuel, and Pastor Michelle Massunke, Wendy Exodus Tshishimbi, Mrs. Precious Chiadzwa Chakombera,

Miss Atasi Adiari, Miss Sissi Akhigbe, Miss Elcie, Mr. Happison Chikozho, Pastor Ken and Pastor Sophie M., Mr. Philippe et Mrs. Kathy Stoliker, Sister Vinus, Deaconess Celine Weitzel, Deaconness Deborah Danie Hodgkins, Sister Blessing, 

Sister Yvonne Tikaka, Sister Roseline Chevalier, Deacon Luis Demenez, Deaconess Germaine Kabuya...

Thank you to all of you for your precious contribution to my life!



Thank You To  


Lieutenant-Colonel B.

A Faithful, True, Dedicated, a Loyal Servant, a Giver, a Reliable Cheerful Helper, an Encourager.

The one who Inspired the Email that Led to the Book I am wrote: The Elected Dead.

Thank you for the vision you shared with me, confirming that the Lord is calling me to write a book.


Pastor Vladimir Elie 

Who, Years Ago, Called Me to Encouraged Me to Write a Book; 

following a text, I Published on a Platform. 


Thank You To

All My Good Friends I met from High School, Up To Today

In Montreal: 

Renée-Paule Loriston, Luckencie Pierre, Kathy Hodder, Sylvie P,  Edelène et Paulo Pierre-Jérôme, Sylvie Laframboise,

Marie Sabbat, Magalie Sabbat, Michel (Biology class in Mtl), Yannick   Lamour (Lalanne).


In Quebec City :

Dany Hokayem


In Ottawa:

Pastor Franky Narcisse, Nicholas & Esther Migué, Jean Deschênes, Jean-Pierre Pelchat, Donald Dubourg, Marc Debanné, Lyne-Marie Debanné, Barry Pugh, Louise Villeneuve, Orel Raymond, Roxanne Alexanian, Chantal Hurtubise, Michelle Rakotonarivo, Claude Antoine, Magalie Sabbat, Martin Doepner, Michel Martin, To Mrs. Martine Jean-Pierre, Mr. Ronald St-Felix, Mrs. Nicole Gibbons,

late Mrs. Elsée Charlot, Miss. Nancy Bellabe, Mrs. Manon Raiche, Mrs. Liette Omicil, Mrs. Célianie Berjuste-Poirier, Mrs. Aline Legagneur, Miss. Rochelle White, Miss. Ifrah Aden, Dr. Patrick Brunet, Sister Gwendolen,

Lieutenant Colonel Bryan Davidson, Mrs. Caroline Gagné, Mrs. Roseline Chevalier, Mrs. Diane Lamontagne...

Late Claire, my loving, fun, full of life friend of 95 years old. 

I had the privilege to lead her to Christ. When I came back from a trip to Europe, not knowing she was in a coma for days, when I entered her hospital room, she was unresponsive. At first, I thought she was just sleeping; then she opened her eyes, coming out of the coma, we talked, she accepted Christ as her Savior; and a few minutes later, she felt back into the coma and died within a month (when entered the room, the nurse surprised, to find her sitting in the bed talking to me, told me she was in coma for days). Now heaven is rejoicing of her childlike heart and her crystal-clear laughter. I can imagine her running from flower to flower, dancing, laughing; asking the angels and Apostle Paul all kinds of questions, loving on Jesus... laughing even more...

Thérésa (Tété), our trips full of laughter to Quebec City with Aline Legagneur;

then both of us to New York City, on very short notice, are memories that I cherish.


Thank you to each one of you for your rareness, your friendship,

the unique way each one of you loved or loves me; 

and for the many ways, you blessed me over the years.


Thank You To

My Teachers


Heaven on Earth

First and foremost, a shout out, a standing ovation to Holy Spirit.

He is teaching me in every area; especially when I am reading the Bible.

He teaches and guides me when I am doing something, whether I know, or I don’t know how to do it, 

and the result is always outstanding. That's why I call my work Co-Creation.


Thank you to my immediate and extended family, for all each one of me taught me growing up.

I am who I am because of your deposits in my life.  Thank You!


Institutions in Canada

Thank you to my teachers in Churches, in Sunday schools, Secular institutions; Kindergarten, Elementary school,

High school, Cegep, College, University, Workshops, Seminaries, Conferences.

In Haiti

Special acknowledgment to my late-aunty Mrs. Ghislaine Georges-Ceans, Principal of her own primary school, where I started school at the age of 3. I want to thank her and all who taught me during my 12 years in Haiti: the nuns, the teachers, the private teachers who came at home to teach me. Thank you to my stepfather, Papy (Jean Malebranche) who was an erudite, and who thought many things to my siblings and me, including Chess. Thank you to my mom and grandmother, who taught me God, faith, and faithfulness. Thank you to my grandmother, to Papy and my mom, who taught me to appreciate books and to read lots of them. My mom, who developed my passion for interior decorating; by seeing her and by helping her, every year, every season or every occasion, totally change the decor or add accents everywhere we lived. Thank you to the group of men in my neighborhood in Haiti, who taught me to play soccer, and made me their goalkeeper. Thank you to my grandmother who brought me, every Sunday after Church, to a Philharmonic Classical Concert; then to the beach to admire the sunset.  It helped me developed my love for Classical music, opera, ballet, poetry, and nature. Thank you to my grandmother who taught me wisdom, creative thinking, loyalty, and justice; by standing for me, when a neighbor lied about me.  Thank you to all the servants who worked for us; specially Yvanne. From observing you I've learned what resilience, contentment and faithful service in adversities mean.


In Montreal:

Thank you to all my teachers in High School: Polyvalente Henri-Bourassa (Mtl). Mr. Lecavalier, a very creative English teacher. The Pastoral Director: Once a week during lunchtime, he used to gather in a class those born outside Canada and teach them everything about the Quebecers and Israelites culture: especially the traditional dances.  Thank you to my classical piano, tennis, classical ballet, fencing, swimming teachers, your love, patience, and devotion were outstanding. 

Thank you to those who had or who are still having a special impact on me.

Mr. Lescarbeau my 1st teacher in Sunday School, Mr. Marcel Turcotte Sunday school teacher, Mrs. Denault (Mme Gateau; a grandmother who always brought a cake for us during youth activities at l’Eglise Baptiste de L'Oratoire,  Montreal), Dr. Amar Djaballah (Systematic Theology teacher, Acadia University, Mtl Campus).  Dr. Nelson Thompson (New Testament teacher, Acadia University, Mtl Campus), Dr. John Gilmour (L'Union UEBFC), Dr. Maurice Boillat (L'Union UEBFC). 

The Lord used Pastor Emmanuel Pierre to bring me to Dr. Boillat's funeral 

and during the Homily by Dr. Nelson Thompson,

the Lord used one sentence to save my life.   

In Ottawa:

Mr. Stanislas Sokolovski (Mass communications at St-Paul University), Mr. Marchessault (St-Paul University).

Dr. Patrick Brunet (Video Production and   Director of the Communication Department at Ottawa University),

Manon Raiche (Public speaking, Ottawa U), Mr. Robert Riopel (MME), Dr. Ralph Dartey (Sunday Mornings, Bible Studies, Leadership Mondays, Leadership Summits, - at TLC College: Theology of the Tabernacle I, II, Leadership, ‘Prophet and Propheties’ ), Pastor Michael Kelvin (Hermeneutics, TLC College), Pastor Fred Aboayage (The power of prayer, TLC College), Pastor Kofi Dartey and Pastor Gigi Ngoi-Tita (Worship TLC College), Popo Leboy (Royal Business Club),

Pastor Ebenezer Boateng (About Prayer during Morning Glory)… Pastor Bol Bol and Pastor Alexa Bol (Healing Clinic)

Everyone who somehow taught me something; from the little one to the oldest; especially those outstanding nonagenarians:

Soeur Richette Pacaud, Soeur Amanda Bourgeault, Soeur Clotilde Mesidor, Soeur Glorieuse, frère Cherenfant...


Thank you for the way you impacted my life throughout the years. Forever grateful!


Thank You To

God For those I met  when I occupied a diverse positions

Thank you to everyone I met, as a Sunday school teacher, a Youth Leader,

a Camp monitor / Counselor, a bedside Nurse, 

a Nursing Clinical Leader, a Hospitality Director, a Conference speaker,

a Church staff member, an event planning team member,

a cleaning team member, an usher team member, a decoration leader...

Every person I had the privilege to serve as a staff, a volunteer or as a Missionary.

Every patient I had the honor to assist

and help in their time of great sorrow and admirable strength.

Everyone I interviewed or photographed as a Journalist, a redactor or a video producer... 

THANK YOU! Thank you; you have left, on me, an indelible mark.


Thank You to

Dr. Lorne Weiner

My Family Doctor and His Sensitive Secretary

Thank You to You for Your Kindness and Tremendous Help in Time of Great Trial.

Mrs. Manon Raiche (Mr. Yves Pincinces)

Thank You for Believing in Me, for the Friendship, the Help and Encouragement in Crucial Moments of My Life;

and for being instrumental for the open door to work as a journalist at Radio Canada (French CBC, Newsroom)

Mr. Patrick. Brunet

Thank You for the Laughter, the Gifts,

the Heartwarming Letters, the Beautiful Friendship, for Love, and for Showering Me with the Best of Everything. 

Thank You for the Promise Ring, then the Engagement Ring and Your then Desire to Make Me Mrs. Brunet;

until your purpose in life called you back to Paris and my purpose kept me in Canada. 

When you decided to move back to Paris (France) to pursue purpose; instead of Following You to Enjoy a Life  of Serenity and Security with You, there; I decided to stay in Canada to Pursue Purpose and the Visions God Showed Me Years Ago,

for  Ottawa "the Dome" and the Rest of Canada.


Thank You to

All the Grandfathers and Grandmothers

That I Met Over the Years; Especially:

Fr. Cherenfant, Maman de Nicole Benson the Sr. Amanda Bourgeault, Sr. Clotilde Mesidor,

Sr. Zina Jérome…Late Sr. Madeleine Medillien (Sr. Madée),

The incomparable late Sr. Richette Pacaud, Late Sr. Savain, Late Sr. Jean-Bart,

I Honor Your Grey Hairs: Your Crown of Wisdom. 

I Have Great Love and Admiration for You, for Your Wisdom, Your Determination to Live for God and to Honor Him.

I Thank You from the Bottom of My Heart for Your Prayers for the Younger Generation.

Thank You for Passing to Us the Baton of Resilience, of Trust in God, of Faith that Moves Mountains.

Thank You for the Legacy and for What You Left for Us to Build Upon.

Thank You to

Everyone who prayed for, called or visited my brother

While He Was in the Hospital; Fighting for His Life.

A Special Thank You to My Immediate and Extended Family Members Who Traveled from Afar:

Yvette Malebranche, Regine Malebranche-Smith and Reginald Malebranche. 

Mr. Alexandre George, Dr. Wladimir Louis-Charles, Mrs. Jeanine Hermantin, late Mrs. Jocelyne Blanc-Koassi... 

Thank You To Pastor Ralph Dartey, Pastor George Ansha, Pastor Franky Narcisse, Pastor Fred Aboyagye,

Pastor Harriet Amani, Pastor Christie Oyedepo, Deaconess Carmen Nesbett,

Mrs. Nicole Benson, Mrs. Lucia, Mrs. Kimerlie Augustin, Kellie Bain, Zacharie Bain

Thank You, also, to All those Who Called; sent encouraging texts.

Being an Extremely Challenging Time, Your Prayers were an Oasis of Fresh Water.

Thanks for Your Love, Kindness, Support, Words of Encouragements, Words in Season

Thank you to the Mother of Pastor Greg Emmanuel and Deaconess Edith.

Thank You for asking me, for my brother, Every Time You Saw Me; and this,

During the Whole Year and a Half, He Was Hospitalized.

Your Concern Touched Me Deeply and Made a Big Difference.


Thank You To

Every business partners or associates

A special thank you to Holy Spirit, my lifetime business partner, teacher, enabler...;

Thank you for your  promise to "Teach me to profit". 

Thank you to those I had associated with to do business:

Mr. Diddy Nagawedi, Mr. Popo Leboy, Mr. Jeremie Sowerby, Mr. Desmond  Smith, Mrs. Darlene McGillis.

Thank you for all I've learned from you.



Thank You To

Everyone who trusted me with their projects

Thank you to my sister Regine. Her 1st wedding was my first official event as a wedding decorator.

Mr. Hubert Bangu (late) & Mrs. Therese Kitene-Bangu, thank you for trusting me in such an early stage with your big day!


Thank you to Pastor Franky Narcisse, who trusted me to transform and decorate his office. Apart from my family, it was my first interior decorating adventure. My goal was to create for him an office who looks like a presidential office, and by the grace of God and the creative power, He granted me, and the assistance of Mrs. Manon Raiche, Mr.  Josue Pierre-Louis and Miss. Jenny. When he saw the office for the first time: he lifted his hands and burst out into praises to God.  

His reaction was my biggest reward. 

Some years later, Pastor McEwen had a similar reaction: he fell on his knees and burst out into worship when he entered 

an amphitheater First Lady Loretta McEwen asked me to transform into a spa atmosphere for a renewal woman's meeting.

These kinds of reactions are priceless for me; because my greatest ambition in life is to be a finger pointed to God,

directing every eyes and heart to Him; bringing Him glory in everything.

Thank you to you all for these opportunities you gave me to glorify God through my work.

Thank you to Monica Alfred who connected me with Deacon  Andre and Deaconess Angelica Pindi to decorate their beauty salon. Decorating Camarra Beauty Salon was so far my biggest and most challenging interior decorating job.

I had to transform 3 floors of an empty house, into a chic 3 floors beauty salon: for men, for women, the spa + the owner's office). During that job, I've used many of my skills: from shopping good bargains, to choosing colors/materials, accessories, to sewing, designing and making columns... to cover walls with fabrics, as well as to cover old barber chairs, old front desk/counter and old sofas with new fabrics, for harmonization... It was challenging, but the Lord helped me.

The result spoke for itself. It was a great learning experience.

Thank You to 

Those who gave me a word in season or helped me.

Thank you to the countless people who spoke a word of blessing over my life or did a nice gesture: laughter, visits, gifts, rides...

A special thanks to those who spoke a direct word of blessing or prophecies that deeply impacted me: The Word of God The Lord Almighty Jesus-Christ, Holy Spirit, my grandma Venus Leriche, Pastor Franky Narcisse, Brother David Elie, Pastor Matthieu Anku,

A guest speaker at La Prairie Church, three people at a Church in St-Hubert (MTL ), Pastor Rudolph J. McEwen,  Dr Ralph Dartey,

Sister Sandra Louis-Jeune, Deaconess Carmen Nesbett, Sister Annette, Mrs. Patricia King, Sister Akosua Benson,  

Pastor Liz Antwi, Dr. Israel Gimba, Dr. Diana Gimba, Pastor Paula White, Pastor Chris Phelefu, Pastor Caroline Phelefu,

Mr. Popo Leboy (About Excelsior), Mrs Natasha Leboy, Pastor James Aumata, Mrs. Mariellet Agbor, 

Prophet Prophet Seth Bah, Apostle Frank Asare Nyamekye, Rev. Kinsgley Agyemang, Rev. Dr. Ampiah Kwofie...

Millions of times thank you to each one of you. May the words God released through you come to pass.

And in return, may the Lord open great doors of opportunity for you and increase you in every way. Thank You! 


A Special thank you to

Mr. David Elie

(Église Évangélique Baptiste de L’Oratoire, Montréal, Can.)

Who deeply impacted my life.

When, When I was in my teen years, in Montreal, he declared over me: Mark 21:42

“The Stone the Masons Threw Out Is Now the Cornerstone. This is God’s Work;

We Rub Our Eyes, We Can Hardly Believe It”! (The MSG)

Year after year, among a few others declared words, this timely word kept me going.

Every time the going, the trials and setbacks were ough.

It gave me the dosage of hope and courage I needed to take one more step

and make it through another year; and this, sometimes against all odds,



Thank You to the team at Christian Heritage Party

Mr. Rod Taylor, the leader

Mr. Peter Vogel, Mr. George and Cherie, Mr. David and Linda, Mr. Jack and Mary, Mr. Sean and Grace, Geofryde...

Thank you to each one of you for your help and encouragement. You truly inspire me.

Thank you for your hard work and conviction that keep you building the kingdom of God on earth.

Thank you to Mr. Derek Sloan, Mr. Richard Decarie, Mrs. Suzanne Lefebvre,

Mr. Luc B Angers, Mr. Clifton Corriveau, Mr. Richard (Rich) Longjoy, Mr. Zaher, Mrs Gwendolyn,

Mrs. Agnes Anestin, Mrs. Nancy Ludhila, Mrs. Sarah-Michelle Martin, Mrs. Monique, Mr. Gabriel P. Sador,

Mr. Andrew, Mr. Achille & Mrs. Marie, Mrs. Brunette, Mr. Jack Fonseca (Campaign Life Coalition, Mr. Rodrigue,

Mr. Tyson Ndongozi (Pancake), Mr. DC (Tyson's best friend, Ms. Laryanna, and all your friends I met after Tyson has been killed.

Everyone in my riding, Ottawa Vanier, who signed for me to be a candidate in the riding.

Everyone who helped me in the process of making history and becoming the first Deputy of Ottawa Vanier that is not a Liberal

Thank You, God

For each one who wronged me

From the bottom of my heart I thank you because from what happened, I've learned to forgive, to give.

God caused good to come out of all of them.

I thank God for them because they kept me from relying on my own strength, wisdom, understanding.

They kept me in the place of prayer; they kept me humble, dependable on God.

 More importantly, they taught me vulnerability by choosing to let go and love again.

Today, I am better, stronger, and a bit wiser.

Thank Yous to God and to each one of you!


Thank You in Advance to

Those God will, one day, order my step to them or them to me

My purposed partner, my children, grand & great-grandchildren.

My future spiritual sons, daughters, mentees, sisters, brothers.

 The God's chasers, the Proof producers, the Destiny helpers, the Lion's chasers,

the Kingdom enforcers, the Lives transformers, the Trailblazers, the Forerunners,

the Mountains Movers & Shakers... the Destiny Shapers in the Kingdom of God. 

The kings, queens, princes, princesses and their entourage;

the Head of state's, head of companies, of enterprises.

My future friends, enemies, ministry partners, business partners, project partners, my employees...

The wises, the rich, the wealthy, the prosperous, the ones hardly making ends meet.

the angels who are or will later be assigned to me, my future helpers;

as well as and everyone not mentioned above.

 I thank God, in advance, for ordering my steps and their steps;

for us to meet for purpose, to help each other fulfill destiny and bring and bring glory to God. 

Mèsi! Merci ! Thanks! Gracias! Mîkwêc!  إشكر!

I thank God profusely for Him

and for the village of amazing people

who contributed to who I am today.

Somehow, even the smallest thing you did

made a difference in my life.

Only the Lord can reward you.

May He blesses you beyond measure,

May He gives you your heart's    desires

May He enlarges your territory of influence.

May all your offspring   and everyone related to you 

walk in the same blessings.

The World Needs More of You!

From the Bottom of My Heart

Thank You to Each One of You!

Marie-Chantal TaiEL