I waited patiently and expectantly for the Lord; 

And He inclined to me and heard my cry. 

He brought me up out of a horrible pit, out of

tumult and of destruction, out of the miry clay.

He set my feet upon a rock; steadying

my footsteps and establishing my path. 

He put a new song in my mouth,

a song of praise to our God.

Many will see and fear, with great reverence, 

and will trust confidently in the Lord. 

Blessed (fortunate, prosperous,

and favored by God) is the man, the woman,

who makes the Lord his/her trust, and does not regard the proud, nor those who lapse into lies. 

Many, O Lord my God, are your thoughts

toward us, and the wonderful works which 

You have done; there is none to compare with You.  

If I would declare and speak of Your wonders, 

they would be too many to count".

(Psalm 40:1-5 Amp.)




General Overseer of Transforming Life Centre International 










My name is Marie-Chantal TaiEl Leriche. Growing up in Haiti, in a privileged environment, very often, after making sure that no one was around, I used to climb on the railing of our front porch. Standing on it, sometimes on tiptoes, I would stretch my neck to see as far as I could. I was fascinated by the horizon. During my childhood, I spent  hours admiring its beauty, and asking myself: How far was it? What was beyond it? How can I reach it? Whenever my family and I went to the Ocean, I was again fascinated by it. I used to seat, on a bench and watch humongous cargo head towards the line where the water and the sky seemed to touch., I was fascinated when they seemed to reach it and disappear behind it. I used to say to myself that one day, I too, will go beyond that point. Very young, I always felt that I belonged somewhere else, somewhere beyond the horizon. 


When I turned 10, my mom left Haiti to work in Montreal. I was impressed and proud that she lived my dream. when she came back 2 years later to bring all of us back to Canada with her; my dream was finally going to realize; so I thought. A few days before departure she told my siblings and I that, our beloved grandma won't leave; they denied her the visa. Since, the tickets were bought and the flight was booked, she will have to stay with the servants, until she gets it.


My reply was spontaneous and unequivocal: I will stay with her! I told them that, I will never leave my grandmother behind. Even before, whenever the family planned a field trip, a picnic, or travelled by plane to visit my stepdad , who was working in another city, if my grandma was not part of the outing, I always stayed with her. (My love for golden age  people comes from the deep love and admiration I had for her). She  was so beautiful, humble, just, calm with  a sweet spirit. She had a queenly bearing. She was Beauty Personified!

Seeing my determination, my dad, mom, and siblings travelled, leaving us behind with three paid servants. A week  later, my grandma laid them off, and we stayed alone, with God.  It was then she taught me how to cook and to do chores, things I never had to do before. I cherished every moment we spent together. Every Friday, she always make sure that I take books from the school library and made me read them to her during the weekend. This is how I developed my love for reading. Every Saturday early in the morning, we used to go to the mountain to pray. I never forget those moments where thousands of people,  covering the mountain, were praying, praising God. Every Sunday, we used to go to the 4 Am Catholic mass, (except the 1st Sunday of the week, where I had to go to Church with my class). Every Sunday evening, we used to walk all the way to the beach to watch the sunset, after enjoying a two hours live philharmonic concert.


Since she couldn't see well, I loved and enjoyed reading the Bible to her and sing songs with her. I always looked forward to listen to her telling me the stories of our family, the testimonies of God's miracles. These stories and the testimonies of all I saw God doing for my mom and my family members built my faith in a God of the impossible. It grew bigger when I started experimenting my own miracles. I am so grateful to God for that!

While in Canada, with the rest of the family, my mom prayed and said: “God, if you make a way for my mom and daughter to join us, I will give you my daughter”. (My grandma was 70, I was 10. My grandma understood a bit of French, but barely spoke it. She had to depend on God and people for the process. After a lot of prayer, fasting and miraculous intervention, God honored my mom's prayer, and a year later, in November, a day preceding a memorable snowstorm, we landed in Montreal, as landing immigrant. All the glory be to God! We were welcome by our family; but also by the coldest wind, falling snow + ice on the ground ; things that I saw before only when I opened the  freezer in our home in Haiti; but here they were all around us! I was in utmost awe.


Arrived in Canada, my dream came true. I was thrilled! I finally saw what was beyond the horizon point! I was amazed to discover that, there was also an horizon in Montreal 😊. Nevertheless, after landing there, my obsession for it vanished, because I felt this country was where I belonged. Years, later, when I moved to Ottawa to study Nursing, I felt in love with the Valley of Outaouais, Ontario and Quebec side, then the rest of Canada.  


My name is Marie-Chantal TaiEL Leriche. After studying and becoming a Registered Nurse in Ottawa, I went to Montreal, and obtained a certificate in theology, to go to Mali as a long-term missionary-nurse, in an eye clinic. To be more prepared and effective on the mission field, I obtained a Certificate in Communication at St-Paul university. I became so passionate about the program, that I decided to cancel the Mali project and to pursue my study in the field. I then obtained a bachelor’s degree in Social Communications from Ottawa University. I did all these studies while working full time as a nurse. Loving to learn, I started taking classes in civil law at Ottawa University but stopped (I will return eventually). I also followed an online branding intensive program with a top branding specialist in LA. I enrolled in the online MBA program, at Jack Welsh Management Institute (to be completed). Communities rebranding and transformation, as well as improving people’s lives, are my pursuit.


Apart for working as a Registered Nurse for 19 years, over the years I also occupied different positions: A Nursing Clinical leader, a French News Reporter at the radio of Radio Canada (CBC), a Press Photographer at Le Reflet Newspaper, in the Eastern Ontario, a French Reporter/Redactor for the Maple Leaf, the Newspaper of the National Defense of Canada. I have many years of experience as an Independent Marketing Representative. Presently, I am a Lifestyle Advisor.


I wrote a book: Elected Dead. It describes the call and the making of a Leader with a special calling over his life, and the type of helpers that fit his calling.


I become vibrant and indefatigable when I am creating through interior decorating, floral arrangements, as a personal stylist, revamping furniture, sketching my clothesline. Transform people appearance and their interior is a passion.


During my life, instead of becoming a specialist in one field, as it was expected of me, I studied, and was interested in doing different things that seemed to have no connection between them; but today, I realised that everything I did, were preparing me to become a Solution with solutions.

During the past years, I went through many trials and losses, and overcame many downturns … (still going through some) … which, unexpectedly, were preparing me for the next chapter of my life.

Except for taking drugs, almost everything anyone in Vanier went through, I went through them. It created in me a heart full of compassion. Nobody can understand the people of Vanier more than I.


Transform Lives -Transform Cities



Cause Vanier to thrive and become the talk of the city.



Empower the weak to become strong and cause the strong to thrive.

As everyone and every sector become strong, our riding will become stronger. We will work together to transform and solidify everyone, and every area.

My troop and I will identify everyone, each family, each group of people that are in a weak position and empower them.


I wrote and designed diverse programs to answer the needs of our community. Their approach is unique and different.

One of these projects is an innovative multigenerational housing project. This model of living will answer many needs and be a solution to some social issues that we are facing.

I also have another project designed for single working men and women, especially those in the Indigenous community. It will help each one to pay all their debts, buy their first house, then a second... I am thinking of ways to extend it to single parents.

I also have a project that will create work for people who have access to a car, but are not able to work, or to work long hours.

I have a plan for people to maintain or regain an optimum health; also, to improve their finance. An improved finance gives access to better nutrition’s choices. Better choice leads to better health.

(This is a priority for me, because, with the different types of viruses, and all the health’s threats agents, people’s immune system is getting weaker. A strong immune system, a strong mind and body are sine-qua-num to fight back and overcome).

I designed another program as a solution to the problematic that we are facing with our young and older offenders, for which going in and out of prison has becoming a lifestyle.


I also created an advertising project,  part of my plan to transform cities. This project will launch the inhabitants and the region into a level never seen or expected. It wrote it as a personal business project, but now I realized that, it will profit the riding and the city to make it a collective project. 

I want to influence the approach to the  welfare and shelter system. I have designed a plan.


These projects/programs, as well as others, will help rebrand and transform our riding from the inside out. They will be collective projects, achieve by the collectivity. The affair of the riding is the business of us all.


When I moved to Ottawa, from Montreal, it was to study Nursing, then go back to Montreal. But, I felt deeply in love with the Capital region. One day, I was reflecting on my life, I understood that God brought me to Canada, then to Ottawa, for a purpose that goes beyond my studies and my own benefits. The more I discovered the capital region through learning, meeting people, attending all the festivals, visiting the Parliament many times, bringing everyone I know to visit it, visiting all the museums and diverse places... the more I felt in love with it. The more I served the people through my work, diverse volunteered programs that I joined or I created, and did life with the people , the more I developed a deep passion for the region, as well as a burden for Canada, the Canadians, especially the Indigenous population.


In 2019, a precious Indigenous woman told me that, one day she was praying her ancestors to send someone to help  her community because she was tired of all that was happening. During the night she had a dream, in that dream a man approached her and told her, a strong woman will be sent to them to help them all… She then exclaimed; I think you are that woman! ... At the end of the conversation we hugged each other. 

Sometimes, I have tears in my eyes, other times I am very angry when I think about all the things my Indigenous brothers and sisters have been through and are still going through until today, in 2021. It is inconceivable for me! I cannot wrap my head around the problematics they are facing and the treatments they keep receiving. How can you live IN CANADA a G7 Nation and not have access to proper water? How can immigrants, after a while are better of  then them?  It is unconceivable, outrageous, unacceptable et condemnable! 


Today, as the election day is approaching, I am grateful to God. I am thrilled and propelled by the perspective to pay my country of adoption forward by serving Vanier. This country took me in charge financially and helped me in a period of my life where I needed help to get back on my feet. For this and many other things, I am grateful.


Thank you for joining hands with me, later on, to make Vanier a better place to live for us all.


Your servant,




  • It is a call to all those who want a Canada free from the control and the growing censorship imposed by its enemies.

  • It is a call to all those who want a nation where God will reign, a country that will go back to its Christian heritage, regain its former glory, and prosper in every way.

  • It is a call to all those who have realized that they have been duped, used, misrepresented, let down by their elected officials who have forgotten their promises opted for compliance and compromise.

  • It is a call to all those who discovered the moral degradation of their elected representatives through the bills that they either, proposed, supported, or voted for.

  • It is a call to all who are unhappy with the left's agenda to curtail people's freedom through manipulation and the use of coercive methods.

  • It is a call to all, who are outraged that some appointed of the left have infiltrated the ranks of the right, and, undercover, are pushing and voting for the ideologies and agendas of the left.

  • It is a call to all who dread government's interference and inference in their personal affairs, a government without limits  who can impose its dictates, and force everyone to comply, using all kinds of subterfuge.

  • It is a call to each citizen, who has a heart that beats for Canada, to join hands to free it from tyranny, take it back and help get it back on its feet, to make it debt-free, and more prosperous than ever. 

  • It is a call to all those who have never voted but realized that their disinterest, their silence, their neglect or refusal to take a stand is approval, direct consent, tacit license to all the nonsenses that we are seeing or hearing about.